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I'm a girl in my early 40s, a writer, photographer, musician, and extremely amateur vtuber. I have a bunch of interests in cute stuff, anime & manga, video games, and girly kei fashion.

I am a novice visual novel developer, and am currently working on my very first VN! It's a lesbian romance story set at an arts academy.

I love games, though I'm not sure you could call me a "gamer." My favorites tend to be RPGs and visual novels, with some other genres sprinkled in. I only really play games that have girl player characters. More recently, I've begun doing (very) small streams for friends and Tumblr mutuals, using my vtuber character. I am very much not a professional streamer at all, though. :P

My favorite anime (and thing overall pretty much) is the Love Live! franchise, and the vast majority of the other anime I watch are yuri/girls' love series, girl slice-of-life, magical girl, and girl-focused action/sci-fi. Outside of anime, I also love Star Trek.

Thanks to Love Live!, I developed an appreciation of idols in general. Outside of the Love Live! groups like µ's, Aqours, and Liella!, I've gotten into the indie, or "chika," idol scene, and am a fan of several small, often self-produced idol groups and solos. Some of my favorites include Fairy♡Larme, The Grateful a Mogaaaz, Atarashii Gakko, and Candy Go!Go!

Via my idol fandom, I developed a love of the girly kei fashion genre from Japan, and have gradually shifted my wardrobe in that direction.

I play keyboards, and release the vast majority of the music I make via my band, The Crystal Furs.

I enjoy photography, and usually shoot these days with a Fujifilm X-T4.

My retro anime portrait is by the artist Otacat.

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