Love Live!

It's no real secret that I love Love Live. I mean, this very web page exists because of my Love Live fan fic, which is already longer than some novels. The portrait I use here is colored in an homage to a character's practice outfit, for cryin' out loud. Stiil, as obvious as it is, I thought I'd talk about the franchise and why it means so much to me, and make some collections of my fav characters!

School Idol Project

I started at the beginning - School Idol Project - and it's what sucked me into the world of Love Live. It's still my favorite generation, even if just by a hair, because I absolutely adore the µ's girls, their songs, and their relationships. School Idol Project is like a cozy blanket to me, a place I can go and be happy, spending time with these girls who almost feel like old friends now (even if I have to avoid the ending of the series a lot of the time, because of how much it makes me cry). It opened me up to a whole world of big feelings and music, and - as somebody who didn't figure herself out until long after high school - let me live a little vicariously through the µ's girls' adventures, a youth I didn't quite get to have.

Favorite Characters

I love all of µ's, completely and totally, but I do have two extra-special favorites. Number one is...

- Nozomi Tojo

Out of all of the µ's girls, Nozomi is my fav. I love her so much - she's got such a huge heart, always ready to look out for the other members' feelings, doing whatever it takes to bring them together and make their dreams come true. She's so dedicated to the other girls that she had to learn that her feelings matter, too, in the second-season episode "My Wish," which is up at the top of my all-time favorite Love Live episodes from any of the series.

Nozomi's also just a fun character. She can be mischievous, and isn't above putting together schemes to get her friends together, like her efforts to get Maki to open up to Nico. She's playful, and between that playfulness and her sincerity you can really see how much she loves the other girls. And, as the resident hopeless lesbian of µ's, she is a huge, dreamy-eyed flirt.

As a flagarant lesbian myself, I also love Nozomi's sweet, loving relationship with Eli. They're so clearly in love with each other, and they have such a warm energy that just makes me happy. Out of the various Love Live couples, Eli and Nozomi are the ones that feel to me like an old, happy married couple. They're just a joy to watch together, and their sweetest scenes always make me emotional.

I'm such a big Nozomi fangirl that my portrait here is colored in a little tribute to her!

So yeah, Nozomi: absolute fav forever. <3

- Nico Yazawa

I love a good gremlin girl, and Nico is the queen of them all. She starts the show off as almost an antagonist before joining µ's, and at the beginning has a single-minded obsession with becoming the world's greatest idol. She can be weird and abrasive, and has trouble accepting the other girls as her friends, but over the course of the show we start to see so many new layers to Nico and she becomes such a strong character with a really meaningful development arc. We see her softer, deeply caring and protective side with her family, and we see how she opens up and begins to care for the other µ's girls, too. She's talented and driven and once she starts to learn to combine that with her softer side, she becomes my absolute favorite little weirdo.

In particular, I love the closeness she develops with Eli and Nozomi, and of course I love watching her and Maki go from butting heads to falling for each other by season 2. As the show goes on and they open up to each other, you can really see how they start caring for each other, and they become one of my favorite couples.

Nico is such a genuinely iconic character, and there's never been another quite like her. She's my perfect little dumpster fire gremlin daughter, and I love her.

Favorite µ's Songs

  • "Snow Halation"
  • "No Brand Girls"
  • "Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump!"
  • "Garasu no Hanazono" (Nozomi & Eli's romance duet)
  • "START:DASH!!"
  • "Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE"
  • "Angelic Angel"
  • "Wonderful Rush"
  • "Yume no Tobira"
  • "Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki"
  • "Love Novels" (BiBi subunit)
  • "Love Marginal" (Printemps subunit)
  • "Shiranai Love*Oshiete Love" (Lily White subunit)

Sunshine and Superstar sections coming soon!