Magica Riot: A Queer Magical Girl Novel by Kara Rose

Magica Riot is my new original novel about an all-girl queer rock band in Portland, Oregon, who are also magical girls, tasked with protecting Earth from the forces of malice. It will be out, barring unforseen delays, in late 2024, in e-book and hardcover formats!

About Magica Riot

Claire Reynolds is a young trans woman in Portland, Oregon, who busts out of the closet when she discovers her favorite local band is secretly made up of magical girls…and she’s one, too.

Now, she has to balance the thrill of living as her true self with the stress of being in a band, fighting inter-dimensional monsters, and hiding her secret magical life from her best friend, Hazel. It’s a lot, and things get even more complicated when mysterious new threats show up in town. Claire and her fellow magical girls must confront a sinister plot, one that could change the world forever.

It’s an adventure of self-discovery, queer love, music, and – of course – magical girls.

Servants of the darkness, be silenced by the song of Magica Riot!

A dedicated web site - - is in the works!

A very small preview of some of the novel's artwork by artist Amber Dill!