Love Live! New Melody Project!!

Love Live! New Melody Project!! is my longform ongoing Love Live! fan fiction series, a post-canon continuation that catches up with µ's as adults eleven years after the events of the original School Idol Project anime, and introduces a new generation of teen school idols finding their own dreams.

So far, season one and two are complete, along with a couple of one-shot stories that add more shading to the narrative. I'm planning a third season further out, and in the meantime, I'm working on some new one-shots, too!

As of this writing, you can read New Melody Project on AO3. I'm working on porting it over here to the site, too, but it will take time, as the story currently runs 300,000 words.

Love Live! New Melody Project!! Season One

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More than a decade has passed since the school idol group µ's won the Love Live! tournament and disbanded. Time moved on for the members of the group as they found their own places in life. One, though, was forced onto a path she didn't choose, and when she comes crashing back into their lives, the former members of µ's must come together again to catch her as she falls.

Meanwhile, three girls in the school idol club at Ayamegaoka Girls' High School have formed an idol group, Power☆Panic, but don't know what their next step should be. The three girls must find a way to coalesce into a real idol group, which leads one to enroll for dance lessons at a small, prestigious studio known as Ayase Performance Academy.

The stories of µ's and Power☆Panic weave together around Dress Down, a secretive underground idols-only nightclub off a nondescript alleyway in Akihabara, run by a charismatic, mysterious former Shōwa-era idol who may be more than she seems...

Love Live! New Melody Project!! Season Two

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After season one, Honoka must decide what it means for her to be an idol again. A new opportunity means becoming a different kind of idol, and she must find the confidence to take another leap...

At Ayamegaoka High, Saeko, Miyuki, and Hikari are finding their own way. Rivals old and new make themselves known, Hikari and Miyuki wrestle with new feelings, and Saeko gets a blast from her past, all before they discover a secret about their school that throws everything they're working for into question.

Nico and Maki try to launch their new group, Cutie Panther, with the help of Guilty Kiss. Nico's little sister Cotono, meanwhile, has almost reached the Love Live! finals.

Setsuna Yuki and the members of Rainbow Collective begin searching for a new label to call home, and learn something unexpected about an old classmate.

Hanayo and Rin become more popular than they ever dreamed, and must deal with the pressures of fame.

Nozomi and Eli have settled happily into their married life, and are thinking about the future.

All the while, the mysterious Junko Mihama at Dress Down keeps a close eye on the lives of µ's, Aqours, and the new generation of school idols finding their dreams.

Love Live! New Melody Project!! One-Shots

Growing Our Garden of Glass - Prequel to School Idol Project & New Melody Project

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Two years before School Idol Project and fourteen years before New Melody Project, Otonokizaka first-year student Nozomi Tojo is getting to spend a warm Saturday with her best friend - and crush - Eli Ayase. Nozomi yearns for Eli so strongly, and she desperately wants to tell her how she feels, but she's scared to open up her truest, gayest self. Can she handle the day out together? And just what does Eli have planned, exactly?

Nico & Mari's Shiny Night - Prequel to Season One

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It's Valentine's Day 2022, and professional super idol Nico Yazawa just wants to sit at Dress Down, her favorite secretive idols-only bar, and have a drink. Her plans get upended when fellow pro idol Mari Ohara, from the group Aqours, shows up at the bar and insists on taking her out for dinner.

Nico, Mari, and Nico's manager Mikako Komizu soon end up dodging a tabloid photographer in a chaotic dash through the streets of Tokyo in Mari's van, one than ends in emotional revelations and Mari learning something about Nico's lost love - and the final days of her school idol group, µ's, back in 2011.