Love Live! New Melody Project

Season One

A Follow-Up to the School Idol Project anime

The idol, haunted by the mistakes of her past and the uncertainty of her future
The prodigy, finding her way again after her art was taken from her
The free spirit, wondering if she'll find her new center
The designer, hiding her deepest feelings from those she loves
The warrior, struggling to let her true self out of the closet
The gentle soul, making a life with the person she holds most dear
The athlete, making good on a promise shared long ago
The dancer, building her own dream with her most beloved
The spiritualist, wondering how to knit all their lives back together and bring happiness to those still struggling

More than a decade has passed since the idol group known as µ's changed the world of school idols forever. Time marched ahead. The world moved onward. The members of µ's scattered into their own lives, some together, some apart. When one of them breaks out of the family expectations forced upon her and crashes back into their lives, the former members of µ's must come together again to catch her as she falls, and Nozomi Tojo finds herself at the center of a plan to save some of her old friends from the problems and fears holding them back. In the process, friendships are reinvigorated, old flames are reignited, new fires are built, and long-running loves are made stronger. Nico, Maki, Honoka, Kotori, Umi, Hanayo, Rin, Eli, and Nozomi find themselves once again a part of each other's lives, sometimes in ways nobody could have predicted.

Meanwhile, three girls in the school idol club at Ayamegaoka Girls' High School have formed an idol group, Power☆Panic, but don't know what their next step should be. Saeko Akiyama is a cynical rebel who wound up in the idol club against her wishes. Miyuki Shimada lacks confidence due to her shyness and body image issues. Her best friend, Hikari Tomori, is a proud outsider who fits no possible normal image of a school idol. The three girls must find a way to coalesce into a real idol group, which leads Miyuki to enroll for dance lessons at a small, prestigious studio known as Ayase Performance Academy.

The stories of the µ's members and Power☆Panic weave together around Dress Down, a secretive underground idols-only nightclub off a nondescript alleyway in Akihabara. Run by the mysterious former Shōwa-era idol Junko Mihama, Dress Down is a place where no fans or managers or press are allowed, a place where idols can be themselves in private. Here, µ's rekindles their old feelings, but there may be more to Junko than meets the eye...