A Shrine for Nozomi Tojo

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Out of all of the Love Live! girls, Nozomi is my fav. In fact, she's my top favorite Love Live! character, period. I've done a lot of thinking as to why, and I think I can sum it up as:

Nozomi is the kind of girl I aspire to be, a kind of femininity I resonate with very strongly.

She's very femme. She's soft and tender-hearted. She is gentle and kind, and loves those close to her unreservedly. In her own words, those close people to her - ยต's - are a "miracle" to her. She's very accepting of everybody and celebrates their differences and the way they come together despite those differences. She treats people with compassion and care and love. That softness extends to her own emotions - she's sensitive and feels things very strongly. She spent a long time feeling alone until she found those important people, and those big emotions lead her to becoming the behind-the-scenes mastermind to bring all these girls together and achieve something special. We get to see that love returned to her, in the second-season episode "My Wish," which is up at the top of my all-time favorite Love Live episodes from any of the series.

And, of course, she has a mischievous and playful side. She's so gay and a noted girl appreciator, and with those she's close to, she can let her looser, weirder side out. She gets touchy-feely and likes to whip out a tarot deck or talk about spiritual power. She loves girls so clearly, and of course, especially loves a particular girl...

As a flagarant lesbian myself, I love Nozomi's sweet, beautiful relationship with Eli. They're so clearly in love with each other, and they have such a warm energy that just makes me happy. Out of the various Love Live couples, Eli and Nozomi are the ones that feel to me like an old, happy married couple. They're just a joy to watch together, and their sweetest scenes always make me emotional.

I'm such a big Nozomi fangirl that my portrait here is colored in a little tribute to her!

So yeah, Nozomi: absolute fav forever, top best girl of all time. <3

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