I've always loved to write, but for a long period of my life, I never tackled fiction writing. I spent a dozen years in the journalism world writing about city planning and architecture, but creating stories was always just out of my reach.

I finally got my start writing fiction via the fan fiction route, and I'm now working on my first original fiction piece. Here, I'll collect my stories, both original and fan fiction.

Original Fiction

  • Downbeat Lilies - My first original work, a lesbian romance following nine girls studying music in school and their relationships together. I'm currently writing it, and look forward to sharing it with you!

Fan Fiction

  • Love Live! New Melody Project - My longform ongoing Love Live! fan fiction series, a post-canon continuation that catches up with ยต's as adults eleven years after the events of the original School Idol Project anime and introduces a new generation of teen school idols finding their own dreams. Two full "seasons" complete, along with one-shot stories, currently totaling 300,000 words - with more on the way!